Saint Moritz

Client: Gurner
Production Company: Floodslicer
Director: Daniel Flood
DOP: Karl Siemon
Stylist: Sarah Banger
Hair & Make-up: Shella Martin

This video for a premium Gurner property development was epic to say the least. Shooting over 2.5 days with 2 talent, 8 locations, 2 choppers, 1 luxury yacht and a prestige car for good measure. A nail biting experience to tee up all the different transport and crews we managed to get the money shot as well as the rest of the massive shotlist and Stills just for good measure. Was a fun and memorable experience with a brilliant end result.

New Balance

Videographer: Wren Photo
Client: New Balance
Agency: Frontier Advertising
Hair & Makeup: Emma Jane
Talent: Ellie Coker, Elana, Ava

This was meant to be a fun highlights video piggy-backing the stills Campaign but quickly turned into digital Ads and was even used in POS at some New Balance stores. Gorgeous combo of golden light, gorgeous girls and a fun, talented crew that respected each other and the overall result.

Julius Marlow AW18 (Autumn/Winter 2018)

Client: Julius Marlow Shoes
Videographer: John O’Rourke
Photographer: Bernard Gueit
Creative Director / Stylist: Dhav Naidu
Make-up & Hair Stylist: Emma Jane

I am often requested to organise behind the scenes or a complimentary highlights video for a photographic campaign. Depending on the marketing and usage one usually takes priority over the other but in all cases both crews work together to achieve the highest quality and quantity of results for the client. I always make sure to allocate time for both so there is no confusion and the most value is achieved.

How To Create Soft Curls

Client: Hairhouse Warehouse
Videographer: Tim Smith
Hair Session Stylist: Andrea de Deugd
Stylist: Leroy Lorenzo
Make-up/nails: Emma Jane
Talent: Renae Ayris

A hectic but fun couple of days shooting both stills and these 6 x How to Create videos for Hairhouse Warehouse on the same set.

Nasir Sobhani - The Street's Barber

Client: Vic Polytechnic (a division of Vic Uni)
Director/DOP: Tristan Houghton
Agency: Publicis Mojo
Art Director: Peter Cvetkovski
Copywriter: Adam Ferrie
Agency Producer: Vicki Lee
Hair & Makeup: Shella Martin
Talent: Nasir Sobhani & Pam Chapman (next Video)

Hired directly by Tristan, a Brisbane based director, I helped with the logistics of shooting on various locations per day, with children and street boys, crew and drones and the delicate nature of telling a very real story. This was one of my favourite days on set and this films has since won 3 awards at the BADC:

Gold - Direction
Silver - Cinematography
Silver - Sound Composition

Feel free to check it all out here at http://www.badc.com.au

Pam Chapman - teaching the educators of tomorrow

Client: Vic Polytechnic (a division of Vic Uni)
Director: Tristan Houghton
Agency: Publicis Mojo

Hired directly by Tristan, a Brisbane based director, I helped with the logistics of shooting on various locations per day, with children and street boys, crew and drones and the delicate nature of telling a very real story.

New Balance Vazee Rush TVC

Director/DOP: Jacob Williams
Producer: Jared Kettle - We are Standard
Client: New Balance / Rebel Sport
Agency: Frontier Advertising
Creative on set: Sara Oteri
Hair & Makeup Stylist: Lisa Sherry

I managed the Agency Production of the "Unleash the Rush" TVC from initial estimates to final edits. We had 3 locations and 4 talent including stills all in a hectic one day schedule. With very tight timings and even tighter budget I am very excited with the result. 

Penfolds - Bin 170th Anniversary

Client: Penfolds - Bin 170th Anniversary
Production Company: Just So Films
Agency: Cornwell

Managing this high end brand video for Penfolds had many logistical problems to crack, the least of all was it being shot in the UK which has opposite work hours to us in Melbourne. The timings were also very specific, being worked around another stills shoot, the various locations around London and more importantly the limited time the Queens nephew has to shoot. After many late nights it paid off to achieve the quality and authenticity a brand like Penfolds demands.


Client: QIC
Photography:  Lensaloft
Agency: Cornwell

I commissioned a number of Aerial Photography shoots and Motion footage while I was at Cornwell using various methods including choppers, drones, cherry pickers and other structures depending on the angle required – sometimes very specific based on views from certain floors.


Client: EQ Tower / ICD Property
Production Company: Squint Opera
Agency: Cornwell

Managing the Agency Production for this video required the fine balance between the hero 3D building shots, the very specific aerials, the real location footage and its seamless transition. A gorgeous job by all with demanding timings.


Client: Dennis Family Homes
Agency: Helsinki Agency
Videographer: A2 Media
Hair & Makeup: Iris Weiselmann
Styling by me including all wardrobe, food and props not found at location.

V/Line - See things differently

Client: V/Line
Production Company: Fabric Films
Agency: McCann Melbourne

One of the many TVCs I managed as Agency Producer at McCann Melbourne (and STP) over my 3 years in this role. This was a lengthy shoot around country Victoria with many logistics not least of all was shooting on public transport and with child talent. As with all agency production I managed the budgets, pre-production, editing and sound sessions, versions, approvals, revisions, CAD approvals and online Despatch to stations.

New Balance Vazee Rush 15sec TVC
New Balance Vazee Rush 15sec TVC